Welcome to Kinderopvang Zeeuws-Vlaanderen

In the region Zeeuws-Vlaanderen we offer quality for every child. That is our vision, we work together with Day Care locations throughout the region of Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. We also help parents to fill in the necessary forms for the child care allowance. For more information about day care in the Netherlands you can go the the website of Expat Center Zeeland. 

At Kinderopvang Zeeuws-Vlaanderen we offer the best of two worlds: the personal and cosy atmosphere which is typical of a small daycare centre and the knowledge and experience of a large professional organisation. In this safe and stimulating environment children have plenty of space to grow and develop, and to discover the world around them. We provide Daycare for children from 0-4 years, preschool for kids from 2-4 years, before and after school care for children attending school and we can offer child care by childminders.

You can find all of our locations here. Fill in your place of residence or the place where you want the day care and see the different locations.

If you want to know the net costs, you can fill in our calculation tool.

The most important points of the regulations for Daycare and Before and After school care 2022

If you want more information regarding our day care locations, costs etcetera. You can contact our customer service at +31 115 612 368  klantcontact@kinderopvangzvl.nl

Parent portal and app.

To optimise the communication between parents, KOZV has developed a personalised app and parent portal. Parents that use our childcare can use the portal and the app free of charge.

Not only does this portal offer a safe and secure environment to share information with parents, it also allows for our organisation to be accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Through the app parents can notify us of the absence of their child (illness, holidays), request exchange days, request extra days or add credit when convenient. Also available in the evening, the weekends or whilst traveling via a smartphone or tablet.

However, in no way does the KOZV app replace our personal contact with the parents. Personal contact with the parents remains the most important to us.

Parents can also write or share photos in the digital diary or send messages to the group in which their child is being cared for.

What could be more beautiful than staying up to date about what happens in between dropping off and picking up your child?

Logging in on de KOZV-app/portal is very simple

Logging in via the computer; via the webbrowser to url: kozv.ouderportaal.nl and logging in with the client number (debit number) and the password of the parent portal. Do you not yet have a password for the parent portal or have you forgotten your password? Click on the button: ‘wachtwoord vergeten’ (‘forgotten password’) and fill in the user name (debit number) and the email address known to us at KOZV.

To download the special KOZV-app on your mobile phone please go to the App store for Apple or Google Play voor Android. The app can be found by searching for Konnect ouderapp.

After downloading the app the following information is required to access the parent portal:

Kinderopvang organisatie (childcare organisation):

Kinderopvang Zeeuws Vlaanderen

URL: kozv.ouderportaal.nl

Gebruikersnaam (username):

client number (debit number) at KOZV

Wachtwoord (password):

password for parent portal

Forgotten your password or not registered yet?

Follow the instructions at "wachtwoord vergeten?".



KIJK!  is the observation and registration method we use at KOZV to follow the development of the children. We observe the children daily. We pay particular attention to whether the children feels comfortable with us, because that is the basis of their development.
After 4 -6 months we start registering the key characteristics:

  • To be free of emotional restrictions

  • To be curious and enterprising

  • To have self-confidence

If the key characteristics are good we start tracking the children’s development areas. We track the development areas with an * from baby age, the other areas from the age of 2.
We work with the following development areas:

  • Social and emotional development*

  • Play development

  • Self-reliance

  • Gross and fine motor skills*

  • Drawing skills

  • Speech and language development*

  • Literacy and numeracy

  • Cognitive development and logical thinking*

About once a year, we will send you a questionnaire about the well-being of your child.  If you would like more information about the development of your child and the KIJK! method, please make an appointment with one of our staff members who will gladly show you.